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FIECON combine the forces of commercial strategy and technical rigour to provide impactful solutions, which shape the launch of your product around the world.
This is underpinned with experience in over 40 countries across a variety of disease areas.
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Outcomes Research
Our team provide unequalled accuracy and quality whilst delivering all aspects of outcomes research; from systematic reviews and meta-analyses, to cost of illness & burden of disease studies.
Areas of expertise:
  • Cost of illness & burden of disease studies
  • Systematic reviews & target literature searches
  • Pairwise meta-analyses (direct comparisons)
  • Network meta-analyses (indirect and mixed treatment comparisons)
  • Survival analysis and extrapolations
  • Mapping/cross walks and within trial patient level data analyses
  • Elicitation and value of information
  • Real world evidence
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Economic Modelling
We have built a reputation for developing robust health economic models that meet the commercial needs of our clients. Our experts have extensive experience in designing, building, and quality checking models - from simple Markov models to complex discrete event simulations.
Areas of expertise:
  • Cost-effectiveness models (Global)
  • Budget impact models (Global)
  • Model adaptations (Local and Regional)
  • Model strategy and design
  • Model testing and validation
  • Complex modelling/simulation modelling
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Health Technology Assessment
We have extensive experience delivering successful HTA submissions in the UK and across the globe. Our HTA experience spans from orphan indications to crowded oncology markets, and we have delivered successful HTA submissions, in-house and in collaboration with trusted partners across Europe, Asia, the Americas and Australasia.
Areas of expertise:
  • HTA scientific advice
  • HTA and reimbursement submissions
  • Mock HTA panels
  • Evidence package critical appraisals
  • Post-submission support
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Value Communication
At FIECON, we understand the value of clear and concise writing, underpinned by robust evidence. We effectively communicate the value of your products in a clear, logical and impactful manner; from global value dossiers to external scientific publications.
Areas of expertise:
  • Global value dossiers
  • Key value message and value proposition development
  • Conference proceedings and publications
  • Salesforce effectiveness materials
  • Stakeholder communication tools and aids
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Pricing & Reimbursement
We partner with our clients to develop strategies for global pricing and reimbursement, harnessing our extensive KOL and payer network across the globe.
Our insights help identify unmet needs, evidence requirements, and potential pricing opportunities.
Areas of expertise:
  • Landscape assessments
  • Product positioning strategies
  • Evidence generation strategies
  • Pricing strategies and willingness to pay research
  • Value communication strategies
  • Reimbursement strategies and launch sequence
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