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FIECON are your trusted partner in the journey to commercialise and launch your pharmaceutical products. Our strategic advice and innovative solutions turn scientific data into compelling evidence that influences stakeholders and drives favourable decisions. 
From navigating market access to ensuring successful product launches, we improve lives by enhancing patient outcomes across all conditions, from the rarest diseases to the most common. Together, we unlock the full potential of your products, ensuring they reach those who need them most. 
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Welcome to price transparency with RFP Builder
By matching project requirements, the RFP Builder provides custom quotes, ensuring a perfect alignment with project needs without even having to speak to anyone at FIECON!
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Use GCEA to improve lives and build a better world
Generalised cost-effectiveness analysis takes a comprehensive view of value, accounting for future uncertainty, and considering a wide variety of factors including the value of hope for patients and scientific spill overs.
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Future leaders learn, grow, and flourish together
Accelerated Leadership Training for our managers which focuses on monthly sessions to develop leadership skills through reflection on challenges and practical application in the workplace.
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Key services

We are committed to launching products that make a difference in people’s lives. We work across a product’s lifecycle, supporting biotech, pharmaceutical, and medical technology companies across the globe.
Outcomes Research
Our team provide unequalled accuracy and quality whilst delivering all aspects of systematic reviews, meta-analyses and patient-level data analyses.
Economic Modelling
We develop a range of robust health economic models that meet the commercial needs of our clients from simple Markov models to complex discrete event simulations.
Health Technology Assessment
We have extensive experience delivering successful HTA submissions in the UK and across the globe.
Value Communication
At FIECON, we understand the value of clear and concise writing, underpinned by robust evidence. We effectively communicate the value of your products in a clear, logical and impactful manner; from global value dossiers to external scientific publications.
Pricing & Reimbursement
We partner with our clients to develop strategies for global pricing and reimbursement, harnessing our extensive KOL and payer network.

Company updates

Learning Insights: Beyond Cost-Effectiveness
Apart from cost-effectiveness, what other factors should be considered when determining the likelihood of HTA success?
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Learning insights: Blended Survival Analysis
Why do we need blended survival analysis and what are the benefits and challenges?
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Key insights: Future Cancer Inquiry
Future Cancer: NICE Medicines Appraisal (Enhertu), HC 739 was discussed with the committee and representatives from Pharma about the changes by NICE in 2022 to assess the cost-effectiveness of drugs.
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