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  • A pharmaceutical manufacturer was ushering a novel drug through late stage development in an autoimmune condition, contending with a crowded market and several competitors as they sought a commercial viable price


FIECON was engaged to:

  • Understand the optimal pricing and market access scenario for the novel drug
  • Provide the fast turnaround required to prepare for market launch in Europe
Respecting the technical:
  • Secondary research: conducted an extensive review of current and future competitors, relevant analogues, and existing trial data
  • Primary research: recruited 3 payers and 2 payer advisory KOLs in France, Spain, UK, Germany and Italy
  • Pricing methodologies: used thorough and tested pricing methodologies to elicit targeted responses from payers on optimal price
Delivering the practical:
  • A visual “market access and funding map” was laid out in each EU-5 market specific to the autoimmune condition
  • Recruitment and interviews with the payers and payer advising KOLs was completed in just under 3 weeks
  • Workshops were conducted to analyse and disseminate the opportunities and hurdles to market
  • Insights on anticipated reimbursement in each market as well as price potential and possible restrictions for different populations were laid out in a PowerPoint presentation
  • In order to assist with a CEO presentation, a crisp 5 slide recommendations deck was also provided for C-suite communication
  • The company gained a commercially acceptable price across the EU-5 by adopting our pricing recommendations and utilising the suggested patient populations and price ranges in cost-effectiveness models, HTA/reimbursement submissions, and payer negotiations.
  • FIECON’s continued support through the HTA submission process helped pull through market success

    Acronyms: KOLs, Key Opinion Leaders; CEO, Chief Executive Officer; HTA, Health Technology Assessment; EU-5 (countries) France, Germany, Italy, Spain and UK; C- suite, 'Chief' executive level